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Properazzi has been my personal website for the past 2 years and provided me with the opportunity to share insights, observations, opinions and commentary on the NZ property market, the real estate industry and other matters pertinent to both.

My career has now taken new direction and from 1st December I have taken on the role of Head of Product at Trade Me Property.

Prior to founding Properazzi I was for over 6 years the founding CEO of; in that time I built the business to become a leading force in the online marketing of real estate in New Zealand. Privately owned with a mission to support the industry, the website and latterly the mobile application provided property buyers and sellers, as well as the overall industry with some of the best resources and marketing services in digital marketing.

During that time I developed a deep understanding of the property market and real estate industry and its technological transformation both in NZ and globally. This passion for digital as well as the insight that can be generated from rich data about the property market, lead me to become an established writer founding the Unconditional blog in 2007 and writing over 700 articles over its first 5 years. I hold a deep interest in analysis and market trends and this lead me to create the NZ Property Report, a unique insight into the supply side of the property market, established in 2009 it has gone on to become one of the cornerstone monthly reports of the property market data in NZ.

My passion for technology and digital platforms coupled with a desire to empower property buyers and sellers lead me help found Zoodle in 2009 as new online source of property information about every property in NZ, the business was established with the support of and Terralink.   

Upon leaving my role at I continued my relationship with the real estate industry on a truly international basis by taking up the role of CEO of Property Portal Watch, a digital information company publishing insights, analysis and commentary around the emerging global industry of property portals. An industry which now conservatively comprises over 3,000 websites across more than 200 countries employing tens of thousands of employees and with an aggregated market cap of over $50 billion. I ran the company until February 2014 when I decided to focus on back in NZ and develop new business in consulting and operational roles. 

I have over time undertaken extensive speaking engagements as well as hosting conferences, having given presentations within the real estate industry and the marketing community on all aspects of digital marketing and the power of the internet to disrupt and reinvent business. I am a regular contributory writer for the The National Business Review. I have articles published in The NZ Herald and As a commentator I have been regularly invited to talk on property news stories on Newstalk ZB, Radio Live, TVOne Breakfast and 3News.

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About this site

The content of this site is entirely my own work. If you find inaccuracies please let me know, if you disagree with my opinion then please post a comment to any article I write. I read and reply to all comments - favourable or unfavourable.

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